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About Zanzibar
Location and Size
Zanzibar (Unguja and Pemba) is located in East Africa, at the western side of the Indian Ocean at 39º degrees East of the Prime Meridian and 6º degree South of the Equator. Zanzibar has a total of 2332 square kilometres, which includes the two main islands and several small surrounding islands.

Zanzibar experiences warm tropical climate, with high temperatures and humidity all the year. The average temperature is 25º C, but it can be as high as 39º C. Because of the ocean breezes during daytime and the continental wind in the night it makes the condition more comfortable. February is the warmest while August is the coolest. There are two rainfall seasons, the heaviest in March to June and lesser rains in September to November. Tourists are advised to note heavy rain season to avoid inconveniences.

Zanzibar Driving:
Traffic conditions and regulations: Being a former British protectorate Zanzibar has adopted the British traffic system and abiding to international regulations. International drivers license required or your national drivers license to be endorsed for an extra $10.- USD.

Driving is on the left. Please take extra care when crossing or walking along busy roads. You will find that there are not always pavements or sufficient lighting in the evenings and cars do not automatically stop at Zebra crossings.

Rush hours and busy areas:
Traffic lights can only be found in Zanzibar town on the main road to and from central market and shopping complexes of Darajani and port access, where pedestrian density is high in most of the day time. Rush hour is between 7:00 to 8:00 and 15:00 to 16:00 on work days. NOTE: Majority of the local population ride on bicycles and motorbikes.

In1998 Zanzibar had a population of 640,685, increasing at the rate of 3 per cent per annum. Currently (2004) it is estimated to reach one million residents of which 51 % are female and there is a wider base of children under 18 years.

Entry Requirements
A valid passport and Visa are required from visitors. You can obtain visa from the Tanzania Diplomatic Mission or upon your arrival at the point of entry. The rate of the Visa varies according to the types, duration and nationality. It is advisable to check this well in advance in order to avoid inconveniences.

Depature Tax
Harbour tax $ 5 per person
International flight tax $ 30 per person
Domestic flight 5000 per person Note. The tax can only be paid in cash

Language: The official language is Swahili, but English is widely spoken.

Dress Code: 97% of the population follow the Islamic religion; we therefore request you to dress accordingly in public.

Drinking Water : Bottled mineral water recommended.

Health And Safety
Transit travelers coming to Zanzibar from endemic areas even for a brief stay are strongly advised to protect themselves with vaccination against Yellow Fever at least two weeks prior to their departure. It is advisable to take precocious measures, particularly mosquito repellant and wearing long - sleeved shirts and trousers in the evening. Note that the best preventative for Malaria is not to get bitten by the mosquitoes.


Most residents of Zanzibar are Moslems but there are also Christians, Hindus and other faiths. If you not a Moslem you are not to enter mosques. Photographing of the mosque interior from the doorway is not allowed during prayers. In the Islamic holly month of "Ramadhan" (dates change) Muslims are fasting you may find it difficult to find food during the daylight hours. Some specified restaurants are allowed to serve the tourists. Contact the Commission for Tourism for advice. You are requested not to eat, drink or smoke in the public during this month. Churches and temples are available. The Anglican Cathedral at Mkunazini and Minara Miwili Church offer regular services on Sundays and special holidays.
Vehicle Type and Prices
Price: 35us$ per day
4WD, 4 seats, with air Condition. Ideal for Off Road condition especial suited for
Price: 40us$ per day
4WD, 5 SEATS, WITH AIR CONDITION. Cary up to 5 persons with luggage.
TOYOTA RAV4 - 3 Doors
Price: 45us$ per day
4WD, 4 SEATS, WITH AIR CONDITION. Cary up to 4 persons.
MINI BUS 7 Seats
Price: 55us$ per day
Air condition mini bus. Suitable for 6 persons with  luggage.
Price: 105us$ per day
4WD, 5 SEATS, WITH AIR CONDITION. Cary up to 5 persons with luggage.
Price: 45us$ per day
5-Doors, Power steering 4WD
Central locking system
Power Window
Automatic, Dual Airbags.
Price: 50us$ per day
5-Doors, Power steering 4WD
Central locking system
Power Window
Automatic, Dual Airbags.
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