Bawe Island - Zanzibar

Bawe Island zanzibar
With over a hundred years of history in 1879 the Island was home to the main cable and wireless gateway from aden to capetown - Bawe Tropical Island is your dream Island a slice of happiness just 25 minutes dhow ride from Stone Town of Zanzibar in the Indian Ocean. In an area smaller then a football pitch, Bawe Tropical Island is the perfect setting for those escaping on a romantic breakaway. Its 15 magnificent cottages are discretely scattered along the beach line, all of them with panoramic views of the clear waters of the Indian Ocean, ensuring maximum privacy and seclusion. The cottages, situated to make them feel like a part of the surrounded landscape, are built on local traditional materials and topped with thatched roofs, allowing the invigorating sea breeze to circulate and affording cool atmosphere day and night. The spacious cottages host magnificent dhow type of beds equipped with mosquito nets. The tasteful interiors, known as los colores given their warm combination of soft colours (greens, yellows, oranges, grape fruit) are elegantly decorated and they all contain ensuite bathrooms, all with double basin, 2 al fresco showers and bathtub.