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Pemba Island
About Pemba Island
Pemba Island lies approximately 80 km northeast of Zanzibar Island (Unguja) and is about the same distance from the Tanzanian mainland, situated directly east of the of the port of Tanga. Unlike Unguja, which is flat and sandy, Pemba's terrain is hilly, fertile and heavily vegetated. The early Arab sailors called it 'Al Huthera', meaning 'The Green Island'. Today more cloves are grown on Pemba than on Unguja, in fact 75% - 80% of all Zanzibar's clove production comes from Pemba. During the rule of the Sultans, it was Pemba, with its extensive clove plantations and agricultural base, that provided the economic foundation for the archipelago's dominance. Today, earnings from the clove crop are supported by other agricultural products, cattle raising, and by fishing, which is an important source of livelihood. Pemba is also renowned for its voodoo and traditional healers. Even today, people come from throughout East Africa seeking cures or to learn the skills of the art from practioners on Pemba. In addition to its rich history and traditions, Pemba is of interest for its wealth of natural resources ranging from beaches to mangrove ecosystems to natural forests. The coral reefs surrounding the island protect a multitude of marine species and offer some of the best diving in the world. While much of the coast is lined with mangroves, there are a few amazing stretches of shoreline and enough attractive offshore islands with pure, clean beaches and interesting bird-life to keep you busy for quite a while. The tourism industry in Pemba is still in its infancy and infrastructure is therefore quite basic, although this is slowly beginning to change with a few exclusive resorts springing up on the island. Click the accommodation link below to browse the resorts. Pemba is definitely one of the jewels of the Indian Ocean and is patiently waiting to be explored.

Where to visit
Chake Chake Town
This is the largest town on Pemba situated about half-way down the the western side of the island. Chake Chake is also the administrative capital of the island and the centre through the which all th buses and dala-dala's travel. Although it was occupied for many centuries, little architectural evidence remains other than the ruins of an 18th century fort and some 12th century ruins near Ras Mkumbuu. The town is set on a ridge overlooking Chake Chake Bay and there is a small dhow port and fish market along the waters edge.
Situated on the southwestern edge of the island, Mkoani is the smallest of Pemba's main 3 towns. However, as all passenger boat traffic from Unguja (Zanzibar Island) and the mainland arrive here, the port is also the busiest and most important on the island.

Wete is the second largest town on Pemba, situated on the northwestern part of the island. Wete is a pleasant town, quieter than Chake Chake, and is a good base for exploring the northern part of the island. It has the island's second most important port through which most of the clove production is exported.
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Vehicle Type and Prices
Price: 35us$ per day
4WD, 4 seats, with air Condition. Ideal for Off Road condition especial suited for
Price: 40us$ per day
4WD, 5 SEATS, WITH AIR CONDITION. Cary up to 5 persons with luggage.
TOYOTA RAV4 - 3 Doors
Price: 45us$ per day
4WD, 4 SEATS, WITH AIR CONDITION. Cary up to 4 persons.
MINI BUS 7 Seats
Price: 55us$ per day
Air condition mini bus. Suitable for 6 persons with  luggage.
Price: 105us$ per day
4WD, 5 SEATS, WITH AIR CONDITION. Cary up to 5 persons with luggage.
Price: 45us$ per day
5-Doors, Power steering 4WD
Central locking system
Power Window
Automatic, Dual Airbags.
Price: 50us$ per day
5-Doors, Power steering 4WD
Central locking system
Power Window
Automatic, Dual Airbags.
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